Formed in the 90′s as a studio project, it’s  three protagonists (Carolyn Salkeld, Paul Gilbert and Allan Evans) recorded the first Who Slapped John album “Daily Dilemmas” using their musical skills to write and produce an album of sweeping musical statements.Recently remastered “Daily Dilemmas” reveals to the listener a wide range of styles with the emphasis on vocal and instrumental melody.

The completion of “Daily Dilemmas” saw the departure of both Carolyn Salkeld and Paul Gilbert, and rather than bring in replacements,  main writer and instrumentalist Allan Evans decided to turn Who Slapped John into a solo act, using the services of session musicians on the next album.

Self produced and independently released by Evans,  2010’s “She had Picasso’s child” takes up where it’s predecessor left off, maintaining the same musical ethos,  the emphasis is once again on instrumental and vocal melody, with the 11 tracks covering a wide range of styles and  soundscapes.

With a brass band heralding the album’s beginning to the melancholic tones of a lonesome cowboy at the end, “She had Picassos’s child” takes the listener on a sonic trip across musical horizons rarely explored within the confines of a single album.

And this is the bit.

The eclectic nature of Who Slapped Johns’ music confuses people.. they don’t understand where Who Slapped Jonn is coming from. The answer is simple. It’s about SONGS!! It’s not about fashion or looks or about what the industries suits and ties deem as a saleable commodity.It’s not about half naked women flashing their tits in videos. It’s not about celebrity. It’s about SONGS!! .It’s about using the studio as an instrument in itself.  It’s about having the freedom to record and say  whatever you want.It’s about rock &roll.It’s about SONGS!!

That’s what Who Slapped John is about, and once you’ve got your head around that, there is treasure to be found.